NY Strip / Ribeye Steak Package

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This package has 7 lb of Ribeye Steak / NY Strip. 

The NY Strip from Willow Creek Meats are tender with robust flavor. All they need is a bit of salt and pepper. They also marinate well for a defined flavor profile range , and absorb a smoky robust taste from the grill or stove top.

The Ribeye is the most flavorful of all steaks. It is a premium beef cut from Willow Creek Meats, and they give the perfect amount of marbling for a juicy steak that you'll remember.

What makes Willow Creek Meats in Colorado so special is that every cow is USDA certified, hormone-antibiotic free, grass fed, and free range. You can come visit the owners for a tour of their ranch by reaching our to us, or Willow Creek Meats, for a visit.