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Working at Littleton Market, so many of our customers came in with gastrointestinal issues. Meaning: bloating, gas, irregularities with bowel movements, sensitive digestive systems, and reactive skin. 

     Now as we have transitioned to ABC Provisions, we have the opportunity to speak to these issues, and our recommendations. First, trust us, you're not alone. So many adults begin to become reactive to food in their mid 20's . It is surprising, considering a lot of us do the right things. We eat organic, unprocessed foods. However, that is not enough. 

     The problem isn't our food, it is how we process our food. Wheat, for example, is meant to have a shelf life of 3-4 months, however, certain distributers modify it to have a shelf-life of a year. Even when it has, "organic" on the label, it has still been altered to survive through divorce, a recession, grad school, war etc. 


This is what I will tell you: I am not a nutritionist, psychologist, or registered nurse. However, what I am is a person who ate almond cheese, lettuce, chicken breasts (without oil), dark chocolate, and probiotics; all to make my stomach feel better to make me feel better. 

     What healed me is when I begin working at a farmers market in Virginia. I began to eat meat that was from a local family ranch in Virginia, produce that was from family farms, and started using baking products that were from ancient grains vs. processed grains. My gut healed, my mental health healed, and I started living again. 

     You are not alone. Below, I have attached the products I trust to heal your issues, as I have trusted them to continue healing mine. 

🍋Moringa Vinga: Bloating, constipation, digestive upset. Moringa is what I take for spot treatment. Meaning, I don't use it everyday, but when I notice issues arise. What I love about this product is that it combats the issue immediately. 

🍶 Real Roots: Bloating, digestive upset, immunity support, dehydration. Ginger and turmeric are absolutely vital to healing the gut, and maintaining balance. I take real root first thing in the morning, and also use it in adult cocktails. Alcohol can be so disruptive to our digestive systems, and wrecks havoc on our skin. Real Root replenishes electrolytes and keeps my skin, gut health, and sleep stable. 

👛Turmeric Latte Mix: Bloating, digestive upset, natural caffeine, inflammation.  Turmeric is fantastic to healing the gut. These packets have helped me alleviate, or spot-treat, isolated cases that may arise while away from home or on vacation. Another benefit is that they have natural caffeine.

Devil Dog Gold Brew: Digestive upset, acid reflux, reactive skin. What a lot of customers don't know is that the natural acidity in coffee is disruptive to healing the gut. Devil Dog is an organic coffee that is low in acidity, and the ONLY coffee I have found that doesn't upset my stomach in the morning. 

~Hannah King, Owner 

ABC Provisions: feel good about what you're eating



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